Asaf Greene

Asaf Greene appointed CTO of DOTmed

November 13, 2019
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Asaf Greene was appointed the chief technology officer of, Inc. after Matt Ulman was promoted to president.

Asaf joined DOTmed in 2009 after graduating from NYU with a double major in Computer Science and History. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him.

If you have ever visited our website or read our news or interacted with our company in any way and afterward said to yourself, "That was very was a pleasant experience," or if you have ever said, "There should be a way for me to do XYZ" on our website and then realized that there is a way to do it, you probably have Asaf Greene to thank for that.

Asaf works with all of the different departments in our company; our news, our auctions, our listings, our services directory, the advertising team, customer service and even the accounting department. He has made so many improvements over the years that have made our company more efficient, he really deserves this title.

At home, he has a lovely wife and child. I attended his wedding, which was pretty wild.

For a time, his wife was transferred on business to Australia, but Asaf never missed a beat.

He is a real pleasure to work with, so congratulations to him on his new position.