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What is a HotDOT?

A HotDOT is a brief message or announcement that Virtual Trade Show (VTS) Booth owners can post on DOTmed.

A HotDOT can be about anything new happening at your company – like a new employee announcement, and special promotion or sale – or anything at all.

You can also easily turn a new listing, a Self-Managed Auction, a comment on news story into a HotDOT with a click of your mouse.

They’re great for getting hot news out to the DOTmed Community.

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Who sees your HotDOTs?

Your HotDOTs are posted in the header section of your VTS, so anyone who visits your Booth will see them.

Whenever anyone goes to the VTS, the first thing they see on the VTS homepage are the most recent HotDOTs posted by all VTS owners.

Your HotDOTs are also displayed to people who are following you. When a follower goes to the VTS, instead of everyone's HotDOTs, they see just the HotDOTs from the VTS Booths they are following – so they’re sure to see yours.

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How do you post a HotDOT?

For VTS Booth Owners
  • On your VTS Booth, just type in the text for your HotDOT and hit post.
For DOTmed Users Associated With A VTS Booth
  • When you have posted a listing, just click on the button and check off the DOTmed checkbox
  • A forum post, news story, news comment, or Self Managed Auction will automatically be added to your feed when they are approved.

The latest HotDOTs also rotate on DOTmed's homepage!