Neue und gebrauchte medizinische Geräte und Krankenhausausrüstungen, die zum Kauf angeboten oder gesucht werden, sowie Auktionen medizinischer Geräte
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More than 35,000 people are registered for the Service Technicians' Forum, and we email 19,000 Forum Digests every day of the week, including weekends, and email 6,000 additional every Friday, which totals more than 140,000 emails a week.

The ad options available on this popular Forum are:

  1. Targeted Text Ads
  2. 180x150 Animated Display Banners
  3. Sponsored Forum Posts

Targeted Text Ads are $75 to $100 per month depending on your categories. When users make a posting related to your service categories, your ad shows. These non-exclusive ads also show in the Virtual Trade Show and on any "Service" or "Company" search.

180x150 Animated Display Ads show on the website and in the Forum Digest Emails. Cost is $500 per month and only three ads are shown per page. Ask about availability.

We email more than 140,000 Forum Digests a week

Sponsored Forum Posts cost $995 post and can feature any product or service you want, the length is unlimited, and you can run a video and photos. A link to your Sponsored Post will appear within the daily Forum Digest emails for a period of one week.

Your post will also appear on the Forum homepage for one month. The text in your Post will be picked up by major search engines. If you post about servicing Siemens CTs, chances are your post will show up within Google's organic listing results when someone searches for Siemens CT service. Cost for each Sponsored Post is $995. It's permanently archived, so weeks, months, even years later, customers can still find your posting when they search the web.


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