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DOTmed Stats is a snapshot of all the activity generated by the more than 22,000 healthcare industry professionals who visit our site every day.

Wenn Sie erwägen, eine Auktion auf DOTmed durchzuführen, einen Artikel zu verkaufen oder einen Upgrade für einen Angebotseintrag durchzuführen, können Sie in den DOTmed-Statistiken klar sehen, welches ernorme Marketingpotenzial die DOTmed-Plattform bietet.

DOTmed User Sessions

DOTmed.com consistently has over 220,000 User Sessions on the Mobile Site monthly. Many of our visitors check the site multiple times per day for new listings.

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DOTmed users represent a diverse mix of company types. Approximately 25% of our Mobile registered users (and a greater percentage of our non-registered visitors) are end users, giving you the market you've been looking for.