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COPELAND Ohmeda Air Compressor For Sale

Ohmeda Dual Compressor System 2 Copeland Oil Cooled Heads (2HP total) 230V Medical grade compressor: air drying system, coalescent filters, moisture indicator Compressor is good for up to 6... view more

February 15

Asking Price:
$2,200 USD

Troy Leishman / Pre-Owned Dental
phone: +1 (800) 488-2446


TIMETER Aridyne 3500 Air Compressor For Sale

Item # 216998, 219181, 218849, 129736 Title: TIMETER Aridyne 3500 Air Compressor Manufacturer: TIMETER Model: Aridyne 3500 Description: Air Compressor Quantity: 2 Item Location: NC... view more

February 14

Asking Price:
$370 USD


JUN-AIR OF-1202 Air Compressor For Sale

JUN-AIR OF-1202, flüsterleiser, medizinischer Druckluftkompressor für die Medizin, maximal 12 bar, sehr guter Zustand, gebraucht JUN-AIR OF-1202, whisper-quiet, medical compressed air compressor,... view more

February 14

Asking Price:
€3,900 EUR


PULMOVENT IPPB Air Compressor For Sale

Pulmo-Vent IPPB Therapy Unit IPPB: Intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) is a respiratory therapy treatment for people who are hypoventilating. While not a preferred method due to cost,... view more

February 13

Asking Price:
$360 USD

A1 Medical Technology
phone: +1 (630) 247-7929

JUN-AIR OF312-0B Air Compressor For Sale

Item # 213070, 224525 Title: Jun-Air OF312-0B Compressor Manufacturer: Jun-Air Model: OF312-0B Description: Compressor Quantity: 2 Item Location: MN Warehouse Over All Condition Good... view more

February 12

Asking Price:
$400 USD

February 12

Asking Price:
$145 USD

February 12

Asking Price:
$129 USD

MFI Medical
phone: +1 (800) 633-1558

TIMETER Airdyne 3500 Air Compressor For Sale

TIMETER Airdyne 3500 Air compressor. Good working and cosmetic... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$300 USD


JUN-AIR 2000-25M Air Compressor For Sale

This is a JUN-AIR MODEL 2000-25M that came from a working... view more

February 08

Asking Price:
$1,200 USD

Ayo Moniasons / Moniasons
phone: +1 (217) 717-7762

SIEMENS 6150440EH81E Air Compressor For Sale

Siemens Compressor Compact Model 6150440EH81E Serial #20402 SE3. MES Item #6350... view more

February 07

Asking Price:
$395 USD


BUNN Medication Air Compressor For Sale

Bunn Medication Compressor. Manufacture Date 3/22/1990. 115v 60hertz 2.5 amps. The handle is broken off the top. MES Item... view more

February 07

Asking Price:
$49 USD


AIR TECHNIQUES M5-B Air Compressor For Sale

Air Techniques M5-B Dental Compressor Dehydrator, Contained in Case.... view more

February 06

Asking Price:
$650 USD


HEALTHCO 30-D Air Compressor For Sale

For sale is (1) Healthco - Freedom Line - 30-D Dental Air Compressor. 3/4 HP 115/230V. With Gast 5HCD-10-M500X Piston Air Compressor Includes: (1) Gast 5HCD-10-M500X Piston Air Compressor... view more

February 03

Asking Price:
$395 USD