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BARD Labpro EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Bard LabPro Bard Lab Pro computer LS8900 workstation windows XP with keyboard One Bard Lab Pro EP amplifier with catheter input Cable and... view more

October 11  

BIOSENSE WEBSTER Stockert 70 EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Biosense webster stockert 70 RF Generator The Stockert 70 RF Generator system consists of a radiofiequency (RF) generator and accessories, and two reusable interface cables. The device is... view more

October 11  

GE Micropace EPS320 EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Micropace EP320 2- Channel Stimulator The EPS320 software allows interactive programming of all aspects of the pacing stimulus: the current amplitude, pulse width, channel, and all stimulus... view more

October 11  

ST JUDE MEDICAL Ensite Velocity EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Complete ST Jude Medical EnSite™ Amplifier The EnSite™ Amplifier subsystem consists of the EnSite™ Amplifier, NavLink™ Module, ArrayLink™ Module, CathLink™ Module, SJM ECG Cable,... view more

October 11  

BIOSENSE WEBSTER Carto 3 EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Complete Biosense Webster Carto 3D Mapping system Certified by Biosense Webster • FAM Dx – released earlier this year. • CARTOREPLAY™ - • CONFIDENSE™ Mapping • ... view more

October 11  

BARD Lab Pro Electrophysiology EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Bard Lab pro Electrophysiology recording system available with Micropace or EP4 stimulator New enhanced Report Generator seamlessly creates a professional and informative patient record by... view more

October 11  

GE Combolab EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

GE combolab Z600 rev 6.9 includes 64 or 96 channel EP amp complete with warranty and clinical application... view more

October 11  

EP MEDSYSTEMS EP4 Cardiac Stim EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

EP Medsystems EP4 EP-4 Cardiac Stimulator is a system used for electrical stimulation of the heart during diagnostic EP studies. It uses state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, and its high... view more

October 11  

GE Cardiolab EP Electrophysiology EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

GE Cardiolab recording system Cardiolab Electrophysiology Monitoring system, instantaneous reporting via Z600 Windows XP or win 7 processors for multi-tasking distributive continuous processing doing... view more

October 11  


VER 02, 2008 MODEL. MODEL NUMBER EM-4805-00 "The sale of this item may be subject by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item... view more

October 09  

BOSTON SCIENTIFIC RC 5000 EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Boston Scientific Heart Technology RC 5000 Rotablator console We are a used medical equipment dealer. We provide as much information on an item as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask for... view more

October 08  

BARD Labsystem Pro EP Amplifier EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

2012 BARD Amplifier for a LabSystem Pro recording system or EP Lab / Cath Lab Just removed from service on good working condition. Comes with all accessories show. 30 day warranty. Ready to ship!... view more

October 08

Asking Price:
$12,000 USD


BARD Labsystem Pro EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Bard Labsystem Pro EP Recording System Includes everything seen in photos. Computer has been removed but everything that is pictured is included. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.... view more

October 08

Asking Price:
$18,000 USD

Ayo Moniasons / Moniasons
phone: +1 (217) 717-7762

BIOSENSE WEBSTER Carto XP EP Lab/X-Ray Room For Sale

Item Description COMPLTE SYSTEM WITH SOFTWARE AND COMPUTER Biosense Webster Carto XP Electroanatomical Mapping Complter System WITH SOFTWARE ,PRINTER ,ALL CABLES AND ORIBIAL BIOSENSE... view more

October 07

Asking Price:
$20,000 USD

Zack Amer / Virginia Surplus, Inc.
phone: +1 (202) 497-4678