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OLYMPUS ENF-P4 Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale

This ENF-P4 meets OEM Specifications and has only 2 broken fibers with new bending rubber. Working length 30cm, Diameter 4mm for this fiber-optic Rhino-Laryngoscope. Este ENF-P4 solo tienes dos... view more

October 26  

OLYMPUS ENF-VT2 Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale

Olympus ENF-VT2 Rhinolryngoscope. Field of view: 90 degrees Depth of Field: 2-40 mm Outer diameter (distal tip): 4.8 mm Outer diameter (insertion tube): 4.9 mm Working length: 365 mm Working... view more

October 26  
October 26

Asking Price:
$45 USD


OLYMPUS CV-170 & ENF-V2 Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale

CV-170 Video Processor and LED Light Source & Olympus ENF-V2 Video Nasolaryngoscope - The CV-170 is compatible with HD videoscopes to provide the image quality of a rigid scope with the comfort... view more

October 26