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PHILIPS Bright Light Light Therapy For Sale

Philips HF 3301 Bright Light for a light bath during the dark periods of the... view more

February 18

Asking Price:
€60 EUR


METTLER 540 Light Therapy For Sale

We sell the Mettler 540C and the 540L at the lowest prices. you have the option of the 785 nm laser applicator or the sld/led cluster applicator. The 540LC contains both applicators and is also... view more

February 18

Asking Price:
$2,995 USD


DYNATRONICS Tri-Wave Light Pad Light Therapy For Sale

*********** CALL US FOR A FREE DEMO ********* Tri-Wave Light Pad The TriWave Light Therapy Pads, an optional accessory to the... view more

February 17  

DYNATRONICS Tri-Wave Light Probe Light Therapy For Sale

******************* CALL US FOR A FREE DEMO ******************* Tri-Wave Light Probe The TriWave Light Therapy Probe, an optional accessory to the... view more

February 17  

CHATTANOOGA Vectra Genisys Laser Light Therapy For Sale

Independent control over all parameters Dosage displayed in choice of joules or joules/cm² Pulsed and continuous treatment operation... view more

February 17  

DUSA Blu-U Light Therapy For Sale

The BLU-U is a very special Therapy Illuminator that can kill the p. acne bacteria in your skin. This acne treatment is simple--you sit with your face close to the light for a short time on a... view more

February 16

Asking Price:
$4,700 USD



This soft laser device includes one single diode wand with a meridian locator. The stylus probe has no specifications or P/N on it. The Top 30 and Dosimetric lasers seen in the pictures are... view more

February 14

Asking Price:
$249 USD


MEDITECH - BIOFLEX Meditech Bioflex cold laser Light Therapy For Sale

Make: Meditech Model: MEDITECH-BIOFLEX DOM: Jan-09 Serial Number: 245-926 Includes: Main control unit, Shuttle computer, LCD monitor, Key board and mouse Custom designed cart, User Manual,... view more

February 10

Asking Price:
$9,995 USD


DIOWAVE 30W Light Therapy For Sale

Diowave30 980 nm 30W Class IV therapy laser Software version V1.54us DOM 8-23-12 Serviced last year and has a new handpiece Available for sale within the USA only ... view more

February 07  

RA FISCHER FischerQuartz 88 Ultraviolet Electro Light Therapy For Sale

This working timed light fixture is 40 to 50 years old. There are no records of it at the manufacturer's current site nor is there anything on the web about this model or a similar UV light made... view more

February 07

Asking Price:
$400 USD


MINATO SK-10W Light Therapy For Sale

Minato Superkine SK-10W SN : 2941 Maximum output voltage 75±10Vrms(※2) Maximum output current 75±10Vrms (*2) Carrier frequency 2000-10000Hz accuracy: ±5% of set value Carrier waveform Sine... view more

February 07  

MINATO MICROTIZER MT3 Light Therapy For Sale

Minato Microtizer Model : MT3 SN : 5311 Available in stock, in excellen working conditon For more information, contact us freely. (# 11609)... view more

February 07  

MEDELA 038 Light Therapy For Sale

This lamp can be used for therapies or for baby's. There is everything possible. It`s in a good working condition. as is - where is, no... view more

February 06  
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