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SIEMENS 4762311 Tissue Phantom For Sale

The part Spherical Phantom is currently available and comes with a 90 warranty. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. OUR PRICES ARE NEARLY 30% or more off LIST PRICE and OUR PARTS... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$800 USD


PHILIPS 453567135962 Phantom Kit Tissue Phantom For Sale

Item # 248033 Title: Philips 453567135962 Phantom Kit Manufacturer: Philips Model: 453567135962 Description: Phantom Kit Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Item Condition: Good... view more

August 06

Asking Price:
$610 USD



When cleaning out the top shelves of their warehouses our clients find some interesting items. Here's one: We believe the manufacturer was Nuclear Associates and it is reported to be "in mint... view more

August 06

Asking Price:
$1,395 USD

Daniel Giesberg / American Medical Sales
phone: +1 (310) 471-8900 x300

CIRS DOSE PHANTOM model 007-01 Tissue Phantom For Sale

CT DOSE PHANTOM by CIRS. Model: 007-01. Includes hard case on wheels. For Sale: Available now in our Fort Myers, Florida warehouse now. PRICE: Please call for pricing. ... view more

August 05  

AGFA ADC Test Phantom Set Tissue Phantom For Sale

Item # 237671 Title: AGFA ADC Test Phantom Set Manufacturer: AGFA Model: ADC Test Description: Phantom Set Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Item Condition: Good (Please view all... view more

August 04

Asking Price:
$530 USD


CIRS 067 Ultrasound Heart Phantom for Cardiac Image Training Tissue Phantom For Sale

CIRS 067 Ultrasound Heart Phantom for Cardiac Image Training. Im unfamiliar with this, comes with 30 free day returns. Has some marks. Please contact me if any questions. Thank you. The Heart... view more

August 03

Asking Price:
$1,750 USD

August 01

Asking Price:
$225 USD

Chuck Caprun / M&J Medical
phone: +1 (512) 910-5277

RSD Multiple Tissue Phantom For Sale

Training Phantoms Made of tissue-equivalent materials with life-like articulations Soft-tissue molds and skeleton molds are matched for anatomic fidelity Torso Phantom $ 4,995 Knee Phantom $... view more

July 29  
Joseph Eliafan / RMXC Medical Imaging
phone: +1 (800) 822-7692 x220

CIRS 062m Tissue Phantom For Sale

Electron Density Phantom. Used, with visible spots but functionallity is not affected. It comes with the whole set of inserts plus the liquid vial plug, a black briefcase for the inserts, a manual... view more

July 29

Asking Price:
$2,800 USD