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BedMed - Gently Used Hospital Beds Reconditioned with Warranty

Current Model Hospital Beds from STRYKER & HILL-ROM. At BedMed we make sure to fully test our beds, so when you receive them they are patient ready, in factory condition, & terminally cleaned. Call +1 (253) 256-8248 or email mac@bedmed.com today.

Piedmont Medical, Inc. - Hospital Beds, Stretchers & More - (800)433-3255

Piedmont Medical, Inc is the #1 reconditioner of Hospital beds & stretchers in the healthcare industry. Our team of professionals is focused on providing quality workmanship, short lead times & unbeatable service, worldwide.

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STRYKER 1069 Stretcher For Sale

Stryker 1069 Eye Stretcher - Surgical Stretcher We have the Stryker 1069 eye, head and neck stretcher in stock and can sell these refurbished to clients in USA and International. Price is for a... view more

September 16

Asking Price:
$2,795 USD


STRYKER 1069 Stretcher For Sale

“The Stryker® trademark is a registered trademark of Stryker, Inc., or its affiliates in the United States and other countries around the world. Authentic Stryker ® Stretchers are manufactured and... view more

September 15  

STRYKER 1069 Stretcher For Sale

Stryker 1069 Eye Stretcher The Stryker 1069 stretcher is a eye, nose and throat surgical stretcher with a special head piece that allows the doctor to access head area. The Stryker 1069 is a... view more

September 15

Asking Price:
$1,995 USD


STRYKER 1069 Stretcher For Sale

Stryker 1069EYE Stretcher . Yom 2001. In good condition.... view more

September 13  

Gumbo Medical (702)834-4498 Quality equipment at affordable pricing!

Industry best refurbished stretchers, beds, exam tables/chairs, OB/GYN and surgical equipment plus much more from trusted brands such as Hill-Rom, Stryker and Midmark. Email info@gumbomedical.com for an unbeatable quote today! www.gumbomedical.com

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