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Gumbo Medical (702)834-4498 Quality equipment at affordable pricing!

Industry best refurbished stretchers, beds, exam tables/chairs, OB/GYN and surgical equipment plus much more from trusted brands such as Hill-Rom, Stryker and Midmark. Email info@gumbomedical.com for an unbeatable quote today! www.gumbomedical.com

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Hill Rom & Stryker Hospital Beds with Foam and Air Mattresses 858-263-4894

Refurbished Hill Rom & Stryker hospital beds patient ready used in hospitals, long term care, home care, International and surgery centers. Med-surge foam mattress beds and ICU air mattress beds used to treat and prevent bed sores. www.1hospitalbeds.com




STRYKER Renaissance Stretcher For Sale

Stryker Renaissance Stretcher in great shape, the mattress has slight wear and tear, but the stretcher it self is in great shape. Stretcher fully functions as it should.... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$850 USD


STRYKER 0735 Stretcher For Sale

Stryker 0735 Patient Stretcher in fair condition. - S/N: 0607 078553 - Year of Manufacture: 2006 - Manually adjustable in height and Trendelenburg - Foldable protection rails on both sides -... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
€750 EUR


STRYKER Power-PRO XT Ambulance Cot 6500 Stretcher For Sale

The Stryker Power-PRO XT Ambulance Cot includes a battery, extra battery, battery charger, brake, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a mattress. It is in good condition and... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$8,500 USD


HAUSTED 4E2HMCPC Electric Stretcher For Sale

These are fully electric stretchers.. electric raise lower of up and down, foot, head sections.. all controlled by a remote.. and comes with IV Pole!... view more

October 21  

Stretcher Rentals

50+ Stretchers in stock for immediate rentals. Contact us for a today for a quote.

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STRYKER 1710 Stretcher For Sale

We have 11 matching Stryker 1710 stretchers already RECONDITIONED and ready to go.. units come with a 29"x75"x5.5" memory foam stretcher... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$2,150 USD


STRYKER 1015 Big Wheel Stretcher For Sale

We have 8 of these Stryker 1015 Big Wheels.. holds 700 lbs. Ready to be... view more

October 21  

STRYKER Atlas 660 Stretcher For Sale

We have 2 of these in our warehouse.. Ready to be Reconditioned!!... view more

October 21  

STRYKER 1001 Stretcher For Sale

Stretchers are completely Reconditioned with 1 year parts replacement warranty!! Call for... view more

October 21  

Piedmont Medical, Inc. - Hospital Beds, Stretchers & More - (800)433-3255

Piedmont Medical, Inc is the #1 reconditioner of Hospital beds & stretchers in the healthcare industry. Our team of professionals is focused on providing quality workmanship, short lead times & unbeatable service, worldwide.

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HILL-ROM 8000 Reconditioned TransStar Stretcher For Sale

New Pad sold separately Hill-Rom TranStar 8000 Procedural Stretcher. Reconditioned stretchers. We do the work! Buy Direct!! Call for a Quote Today!! SPECIFICATONS/ID# 13600 ►Height... view more

October 21  

STRYKER 1501 Advantage Stretcher For Sale

We do the work! Buy Direct! Advantage Series. Reconditioned Like New!! SPECIFICATIONS/ID# 15460 ►Overall Length: 83" (210.8 cm) ►Overall Width (siderails up): 34 ½" (87.6 cm) ►Overall Width... view more

October 21  

STRYKER 1068 eye out of stock Stretcher For Sale

Reconditioned like new with new pads. We do the work!! Buy... view more

October 21  


TRANSMOTION TMM4 STRETCHER Self storing push bars give unobstructed view of the patient Easy mobility brake and steer caster system 73'' patient surface length International Buyers - Please... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$2,800 USD

BedMed - Gently Used Hospital Beds Reconditioned with Warranty

Current Model Hospital Beds from STRYKER & HILL-ROM. At BedMed we make sure to fully test our beds, so when you receive them they are patient ready, in factory condition, & terminally cleaned. Call +1 (253) 256-8248 or email mac@bedmed.com today.


STRYKER Big Wheel Stretcher For Sale

STRYKER BIG WHEEL POWER ASSISTED STRETCHER Decreases startup force by 50% Decreases steering force by 60% Corners better around hallways and rooms International Buyers - Please Note: ... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$1,600 USD



MEDICAL POSITIONING STRESS ENDOCARDIOGRAPHY BED 23" - 34" inch height adjustment 65º fowler positioning Apical access imaging drop section * This item will ship via freight; standard curb... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD


HAUSTED Fluoro-Track Fluoroscopy-Capable Stretcher Stretcher For Sale

HAUSTED FLUORO-TRACK STRETCHER Designed for use with fluoroscopy machines Full length, radiolucent tops translate to either end providing excellent patient access Offers the security of a... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$3,200 USD