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OTHER Disposable Knife Ophthalmic Surgery Instrument For Sale

New Vision has very strict quality control system for producing the disposable knife from cleaning, packing and sterilization. The disposable knife has the same grinding procedure as the sapphire... view more

August 13  

OTHER Sapphire Knives Ophthalmic Surgery Instrument Reusable For Sale

The advantages of the sapphire surgical knives are as follows: less bleeding, quick wound healing, a tidy edge in a surgical cut, slight injury at the incision, uneasy to get adhesion and... view more

August 13  

OTHER Lacrimal & Oculoplastic Probe, For Sale

Bowman Lacrimal Probe, stainless steel, 141mm long 34026S Bowman Lacrimal Probe, size 0000/000 34027S Bowman Lacrimal Probe, size 00/0 34028S Bowman Lacrimal Probe, size 1/2 34029S Bowman... view more

August 13  


Check out our large inventory of Electric and Pneumatic Power Equipment, Attachments and accessories from Stryker, Hall and more. We also offer free estimates on reliable repairs and warranties.


OTHER Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula For Sale

Cannula irrigating vectics, dual fluid flow through to front opening... view more

August 13  

OTHER IOL Injectors IOL Delivery System For Sale

17002 IOL Delivery System, Monarch III style 17003 IOL Injector/IOL Delivery System, Alcon Monarch III style, plunger mechanism III cartridge injector for use with Type D cartridges, 5 3/4,... view more

August 13  

OTHER ICL Instruments For Sale

Mendez Degree Gauge 34001 Outer diameter: 18mm; Inner Diameter: 12mm 34001N Outer diameter: 16mm; Inner Diameter: 12mm 34001G Outer diameter: 18mm; Inner Diameter: 12mm , with groove Graether... view more

August 13  

OTHER Trabeculectomy Punches For Sale

Trabeculectomy Punches 35004 Trabeculectomy Punch, 1.0mm 35005 Trabeculectomy Punch,1.5mm 35006 Trabeculectomy Punch, 1.2mm 35007 Trabeculectomy Punch, 0.75mm Kelly Punches 35008 Kelly Punch,... view more

August 13  

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We have the resources and expertise to provide your organization with the highest quality medical equipment at substantial savings. All equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure you receive it in optimum, patient-ready condition.


OTHER Castroviejo Caliper For Sale

Castroviejo Caliper Caliper measures from 0mm to 20mm in 0.5mm increments with scale reading on one side 20005 Straight Tip 20005C Curved... view more

August 13  

OTHER Irrigating & Aspirating Handpieces For Sale

Handle of I/A Handpiece, titanium, without tips 16000H For use with Aspiration tips I/A Handpiece 21G, 0.3mm asp. Port 16011 B Straight Tips 16012 B Curved Tips 16013 B Angled Tips ... view more

August 13  

OTHER Wire Speculums For Sale

15001 With 13.5mm long blades, 52mm long Lieberman Speculum, V-shaped wire Adjustable 15002 The V-shaped wire blades are designed to help the surgeon retain the drape under the eye lids, 65mm ... view more

August 13  

OTHER LASEK Epithelium/Alcohol Well For Sale

LASEK Epithelium/Alcohol Well 34098 9.5mm diameter 34099 9.0mm diameter 34100 8.5mm diameter 34101 8.0mm diameter 34102 7.5mm diameter 34103 7.0mm diameter 34104 6.5mm diameter Flap Spatula... view more

August 13  

OTHER LASIK Cannulas For Sale

Spatulated LASIK Cannula 15038 This 26G curved cannula has an end opening for irrigating the interface. Flattened spatulate tip easily locates and elevates the flap edge. Gimbel LASIK Fountain... view more

August 13  

OTHER LASIK Forceps For Sale

LASIK Multi-purpose Forceps Perone LASIK Flap Forceps 15035 Enables delicate lifting of the flap without causing any trauma, 2mm rings, 108mm long. Manche LASIK Forceps 15036 Solid oval tips... view more

August 13  

OTHER LASIK Speculums For Sale

Liberman Solid Speculum Allow for the protection of the eye lashes and keeps the secretion of the meibomian glands from operating filed, 65mm long 15029 65mm long Machat Adjustable Speculum ... view more

August 13