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ADAC Pegasys/Atlas Backup CPR Software Nuclear Computer For Sale

Questions to ask yourself: If I have a catastrophic hard drive failure on the Master of a 3 system ADAC network, how fast can I re-load everything on the hard drive, re-create all of the... view more

November 21  

GE Xeleris Workstation (laptop) Nuclear Computer For Sale

See photos for protocols This is a tower not a laptop... view more

November 19  

ADAC Forte/Skylight etc Nuclear Computer For Sale

ADAC Processors Ultra/ High Tier/Mid Jetstream all pulled from working systems w HASP keys 21573001A ... view more

November 19  
November 19  
November 19  

PHILIPS e Soft Processor Nuclear Computer For Sale

We have acquired two e-Soft processors with OEM software licensed to the system Like new condition. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.... view more

November 19  

SIEMENS E-Soft 2002 Nuclear Computer For Sale

Complete Esoft station OE soft 2.53 GHz hardware platform P/N 7762573 Rev 02 Dell 051203 P4 2.53 GHz 1 GB Ram 32 MB Matrox G450 dual display XP pro 2002 sp1 8 GB C:drive 72 GB D: drive... view more

November 19  

ELSCINT KAYAK 5.05 Nuclear Computer For Sale

We selling three HP Kayak processors They have the 505 version software Looks like an ADAC display. Extremely fast processor and can be connected to any system These were all bought originally... view more

November 19  

LEAR NUCLEAR MAC Cardio-Power Mac G3 Nuclear Computer For Sale

Manufacturer: Nuclear Cardiology Systems, Inc. Model: Cardio-Power Mac G3 400 Condition: Excellent/Operable Unit Price: As is Please call or e-mail for pricing, availability and... view more

November 18

Asking Price:
$1,500 USD


ADAC 603-2923-01 SYST. Ultra Mid Tier Nuclear Computer For Sale

Item # 217248 Title: ADAC 603-2923-01 ADAC SYST. Ultra Mid Tier Nuclear Computer Manufacturer: ADAC Model: 603-2923-01 Description: ADAC SYST. Ultra Mid Tier Nuclear Computer Quantity: 1 ... view more

November 16

Asking Price:
$350 USD


PHILIPS JETStream Workspace Nuclear Computer For Sale

Se Habla Español Available from a nuclear cardiology lab, this JETStream Workspace processing computer is pc based Windows O/S; includes a large flat panel high resolution color monitor, keyboard... view more

November 13