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SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

Sumitomo CSW-71D Coldhead Compressor, GE... view more

August 11  

SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

Loaners: Available "ISO Certified, In Business Since 1996" Please contact us for pricing, warranty information and more details. ... view more

August 10  
August 10  
David Baldwin / Cool Pair Plus
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SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

Our Sumitomo CSW-71D Compressor has been rebuilt and tested to meet O.E.M. Spec. . Corresponding coldheads can be found in my other listings. Exchange as well as Repair of your unit is available.... view more

August 09  

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SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

Fully refurbished CSW-71D compressor. Available on exchange or outright. GE part number 2188440-2. Includes a 12 month full warranty. ... view more

August 14  

SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

This compressor is fully rebuilt and tested by ICE. For use on GE LCC Signa MRI. Comes with 12 month... view more

August 03  

SUMITOMO CSW-71D MRI Compressor For Sale

SUMITOMO MRI Compressor CSW-71D Part #... view more

August 01