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|Siemens Parts Provider||Siemens Mobile Rentals||Competitive Pricing & Warranties||World-Wide Deliveries| After hours? Call 714-632-8659 or email Ask about our over-stock sale on Sensation & Emotion CT parts.

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PHILIPS Mx8000 Dual (2 slice) & Quad (4 slice) CT Systems Available Now

HIGH QUALITY fully tested & refurbished systems to manufacturer specifications like new. Installation & service support worldwide. Parts & tubes in stock with warranty. Call 813-925-1314

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TOSHIBA Aquilion 64 CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion 64 CT Scanner. 2007 200.000 scansec. will be removed at the end of this month. located in UK.... view more

December 15  
Cengiz Dogru / Siemed Medical
phone: +90 905412903050

SIEMENS Emotion CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Emotion Duo YOM 2004 Available Without X-Ray Tube ICS IRS Computers 5B & 6B . Bewst System to Buy For Spare Parts. Available in... view more

December 14  

Altima - Your CT / MRI Diagnostic Imaging Specialists!

Altima will inspire the trust, loyalty and commitment of our customers through positive relationships and collaboration, top quality equipment services, and a clearly superior value proposition. Call Today (469) 644-7063

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SIEMENS Emotion CT Scanner For Sale

Emotion Duo Without X-Ray Tube Available Immediate For Spare Parts. X-Ray Tube Sold Out / System is Fully Running When De... view more

December 14  

GE CT/e CT Scanner For Sale

GE CT/e Dual / ProSpeed FII Excellent System YOM 2010 X-Ray Tube 2014 Scan Seconds Count 140K as Per Now. De Installed Crated and Ready to Dispatch. Available Without / With Installation and... view more

December 14  

SIEMENS Emotion 6 CT Scanner For Sale

CT Siemens Emotion 6 Slice. X-Ray Tube is Defective. Rest All Parts OK. Machine Can be Tested at Our Warehouse. Only X-Ray Tube Error . YOM 2007 Squire Type Gantry. ICS , IRS ,TYPE... view more

December 14  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Spirit CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Spirit Available for Spare Parts . Tube Already Sold Separately. Every things are Excellent Except X-Ray Tube Not... view more

December 14  

Call Atlantis Worldwide for Your Used & Refurbished CT Scanner Needs!

We stock multiple CT Scanners from GE, Toshiba, Siemens, and Philips in different models and years. Wholesale & Retail Quotes available! Call today 212-366-9100. SafeCT Image enhancement for low dose CT images available!


SIEMENS Emotion CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Emotion Single Slice Without X-Ray Tube . YOM Refurbished 2011 Available For Parts... view more

December 14  

SIEMENS Emotion 6 CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Emotion 6 Slice YOM 2006 Without X-Ray Tube. Available in Ready Stock for Parts... view more

December 14  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Spirit Dual Slice CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Spirit Available Without X-Ray Tube . Excellent System YOM 2011 With Upgraded Computers ICS IRS 11-12. Display Type Gantry... view more

December 14  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Spirit Dual Slice CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Somatom Spirit Dual Slice YOM 2011 Tube YOM 2011 (Dura 352-MV ) Tube count 380k scan seconds Excellent cosmetic and working condition We ship worldwide. Contact us for more details... view more

December 13  

Save Money, Expand Your Imaging Capabilities, and Grow Your Business!

Amber Diagnostics has Provided Quality Refurbished CT Scanners for Over 25 Years. Our range includes Multi-Slice and PET/CT. We also offer Financing and Warranties plus Full Turnkey Service. For a FREE Quote call us at (407)438-7847 or click the ad title!

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GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed 64 VCT CT-scanner System is from 2005 X-ray tube installed 31 January 2019! See pictures for... view more

December 13  

GE LightSpeed 16 Slice CT Scanner For Sale

Refurbished GE Lightspeed 16 Slice CT Scanner Dependable and user-friendly, designed to deliver diagnostic confidence and productivity. Compact, Air-Cooled Helios Gantry 70cm Aperture w Laser... view more

December 13  

TOSHIBA AQUILION 128 CT Scanner For Sale

2008/2013 Toshiba Aquilion 128 slice that was upgraded in 2013 from 64 to 128 slices VeloCT, has 128 slice option, AIDR3D. New 2013 VeloCt Console. NEW 2013 RECON PC and new 2013 ACQ. PC Cabinet.... view more

December 13  

GE BRIGHTSPEED 16 CT Scanner For Sale

RECONDITIONED in November 2019 a 2007 GE BRIGHTSPEED 16 slice CT with BLACK XTREME console. XR29 and LOW DOSE. New tube installed March 2019 and has 27 Million+/- MAS. 16 slice CT including the new... view more

December 13  

CT Parts & Tubes In Stock - Call CT Specialists AR MEDICAL +1 954 612 8008

Specializing in Philips Brilliance, Ingenuity, iCT & Mx8000, Siemens Emotion, Sensation & Definition, Toshiba Aquilion & Asteion CT Parts & Tubes. Philips & Siemens NEW parts ordered at discounted prices including warranty.

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PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner For Sale

2019 BRILLIANCE 64 CT SCANNER. Reconditioned in 2019. This Brilliance TDMS 64 slice CT that has TDMS and has the latest version installed in 2018 at 3.6 with XR29 and has a tube that is original... view more

December 13