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The Most Affordable Battery Powered Digital X-Ray Machine Package.

Amazing!That's what our customers tell us when they first use our Batt-A-Ray Portable X-Ray Machine with our Flat Panel DR Imaging System. All battery powered X-Ray and Imaging System can go anywhere without connecting to a power source. 417-647-1386

Metropolis International - Quality Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Metropolis International - Premier provider of quality pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment. Over 15 years experience. Free equipment valuation & consulting service. Call 718-371-6026.

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VIZTEK 11D130 Portable X-Ray


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GE AMX 4 Plus Portable X-Ray For Sale

The GE AMX 4 Plus mobile X-ray system is perfect solution in the operating room, intensive care and emergency room. - S/N: 990805WK4 - Year of Manufacture: 2004 - Battery operated, no need to... view more

July 08

Asking Price:
€7,750 EUR Digital X-ray & Portables In Stock Now Tested & Certified

For 28 years RSTI has provided the best X-ray training. offers Tested & staged pre-owned X-ray equipment so you can be sure our equipment is the finest the market has to offer. Call today 800-299-7784

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SIEMENS Mobilett Mira Mobile Digital X-Ray System Portable X-Ray For Sale

siemens mobilett mira max - mxr100942 max wi-d wlan detector us snap on grid max wi-d 5/85 f115 numerical look mira max integrated dose area product hospital wlan us mobilett mira english... view more

July 08  

RADMEDIX ACUITY Acuity PDR Portable X-Ray For Sale

ACUITY PDR: Totally wireless, sealed drip proof portable x-ray. Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques. 40" laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape. LED Laser collimator . Over... view more

July 08  

GE AMX-4+ Portable X-Ray For Sale

GE AMX 4 w/ Carestream Digital Upgrade Portable X-Ray 125kVp ... view more

July 08  

GE AMX 4+ Portable X-Ray For Sale

2011 GE AMX IV Plus Portable X-Ray [A-009018] Vertical Column Positioning of Xray Tube through 270-Degree Column Rotation 100 mA Constant kVp 50-125, mAs 0.4-320, 24 kVp Stations 30 mAs Stations... view more

July 08  

Source-Ray, Inc. - Innovations In Portable X-Ray

SRI is a leading Developer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Innovative Portable Imaging Equipment. We offer Lightweight, Agile, Easy to Maneuver Portable X-Ray Systems ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. Call us at 631-244-8200


CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Portable X-Ray For Sale

2013 Carestream DRX Revolution Portable X-ray [A-009017] Collimator Projection radiography range of 40–150 kV Cables Batteries Cart Collimator Column Rotates ± 270 ° from docked position ... view more

July 08  
July 08

Asking Price:
$495 USD


GE AMX 4 Portable X-Ray For Sale

this unit is in good working condition and was just calibrated (report available upon request) and ready for... view more

July 08  
Mike Laffey / Castle Systems, Inc.
phone: +1 (440) 918-9933
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GE AMX 700 Portable X-Ray For Sale

up for sale is a used as is GE AMX 700 digital portable x ray machine. from what i have been told the following is bad.... view more

July 08

Asking Price:
$10,000 USD


GE AMX 4 Portable X-Ray For Sale

Patient Ready 1995 GE AMX 4 Portable / Mobile X-ray unit, Unit was checked by our service tech and is ready for its next facility. We can also pair this unit with a DR panel to provide a Digital... view more

July 08

Asking Price:
$2,950 USD



2011 GE Optima Digital Portable X-Ray Model XR220-E7894X Available Now! ... view more

July 08