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Used and New Vet. Ultrasound Equipment Listings

FDA CE certified high quality handheld wireless ultrasound scanner

FDA CE certified high quality handheld wireless ultrasound scanner. Email us at sales2@leltek.com | Phone us at +886965668409

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TOSHIBA Just Vision 400 SSA-325A Diagnostic Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Product details Manufacturer : Toshiba Corp. Item: Toshiba Just Vision 400 SSA-325A Diagnosic Vet Ultrasound W/ Computer & Monitor Model/Cat # SSA-325A Serial No. 89582656 Made In: Japan Date... view more

August 11

Asking Price:
$525 USD

Asif Bhinder / Medicka
phone: +1 (952) 232-5970

GE LOGIQ Book XP VET Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Cosmetically is an 8/10. D.O.M. 2005 Contact for additional... view more

August 10  

GE Unit Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Logic Book XP Vet in Fantastic Condition Revision R2.1.2 Date of Manufacture June 2006 Options Basic Dicom Color Doppler Presets: Abdomen Renal Fast DogLg DodSm Cat Exotic ... view more

August 10  

GE Logiq Book XP Vet Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

GE Logic Book XP Vet unit in Mint Condition!! Revision Level R2.1.2 Date of Manufacture November 2005 Options: Basic Doppler Color Presets: Abdomen Renal Fast DogLg DodSm Cat ... view more

August 10  

GE LOGIC E VET Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Vet System In Mint Condition! Date of Manufacture Jan 2008 BT 05 Basic Dicom Anatomical M Color M Spatial Compounding Full Selection of Logiq E Vet transducers are available at... view more

August 10  

LELTEK LU300M (Micro Convex) Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

LELTEK LU300M (Micro Convex) Vet Ultrasound Center Frequency:6.2 MHz Frequency Bandwidth:4.0 - 8.5 MHz Depth:12 cm Radius of Curvature:15 mm Field of View:100゜ Clinical Applications:Small... view more

August 10  

TOSHIBA Xario100 TUS-X100 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Microcovnex PVU-712BT   Microsector PSU-50BT BW printer P95 Software Ver.3.0 with CW DICOM YOM... view more

August 09  

POCVODA C3V Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

C3V A hand-carried color doppler system equipped with advanced technologies with high resolution image quality Based on leading digital ultrasound technologies, C3 offers superb 2D and Premier... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$4,000 USD


ESAOTE MyLab25 Gold Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Esaote Mylab25 Gold YOM 2012 Condition: used good Options: General Imaging We sell the system with or without probes. Please contact us for more... view more

August 08

Asking Price:
€2,900 EUR

Mike Coopers / sonoref
phone: +43 4367683986900

SONOSCAPE E2V Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

The SonoScape E2V is a color Doppler ultrasound system that exceeds your expectations with its compact and modern look. Used in gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, and... view more

August 08  

SONOSCAPE E1V Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

The E1V Portable ultrasound diagnostic system is a new generation of black and white product from SonoScape. Packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages catering to a wide... view more

August 08  

WELLD 9618 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Ultrasound Welld 9618 vet Use... view more

August 07  

POCVODA C5PLUS VET Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

C5Plus, a high-quality, fully digital color Doppler system at an affordable price designed for stationary as well as mobile use. Uses innovative, fully digital technology to deliver highest possible... view more

August 07

Asking Price:
$4,300 USD


EDAN DUS 60 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

- Your choice of probe ( C361-2, C611-2, V563-2, L761-2, or L743-2) - Pulse Wave Doppler for cardiac diagnostics - Phase inversion harmonic imaging improves contrast resolution - Multi-bem... view more

August 06