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PENTAX EE-1540 Transnasal Esophagoscope Endoscope For Sale

Item # 235170 Title: Pentax EE-1540 Transnasal Esophagoscope Manufacturer: Pentax Model: EE-1540 Transnasal Description: Esophagoscope Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Item... view more

January 20

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD


OLYMPUS CV-145/CLE-145 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus Video Processor + Light Source: CV-145/CLE-145 in excellent OEM condition! Call or e-mail us directly. All our units have been tested and are in EXCELLENT Condition. 6 months... view more

January 20  

PENTAX EPK-i7000 Endoscope For Sale

Pentax system: EPK-i7000 in excellent condition! Sold with: - EG-2990i / EG-29i10 - EC-38890Fi / EC38-i10 Call or e-mail us directly. All our units have been tested and are in EXCELLENT... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS MAJ-901 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus Water Bottle: MAJ-901 Contenedor o Botella de agua Olympus: MAJ-901 Call or e-mail us directly.... view more

January 20  

Green Medical - Endoscopios de calidad de JAPÓN

Los revendedores japoneses más grandes de ámbitos usados por Olympus, Fuji y Pentax. Llame al + 81-3-5633-7477 o envíe un correo electrónico a

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PENTAX OF-B178 Endoscope For Sale

Pentax Air/Water valve: OF-B178 Válvula de aire/agua Pentax: OF-B178 Call or e-mail us directly. All our units have been tested and are in EXCELLENT Condition. ... view more

January 20  

PENTAX OF-B177 Endoscope For Sale

Pentax Suction Valve: OF-B177 Valvula de succion Pentax : OF-B177 Call or e-mail us directly. All our units have been tested and are in EXCELLENT Condition. ... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS MB-358 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus Biopsy Valve: MB-358 Válvula de biopsia Olympus: MB-358 Call or e-mail us directly.... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS MH-438 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus Air/Water Valve: MH-438 Válvula de aire/agua Olympus: MH-438 Call us or email us... view more

January 20  

United Medical Suppliers

United Medical Suppliers is pioneer in Buying and Selling Used/Pre Owned, refurbished Endoscopy Equipment. We provide best quality repairs for your endoscopes. (617) 933-9932

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OLYMPUS MH-443 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus suction valve: MH-443 Válvula de succion Olympus MH-443 Call or e-mail us directly. ... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS MU-1 Leak Tester Endoscope For Sale

Olympus MU-1 and MB 155 Leak Tester for Endoscopy. Ready to Ship... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS GIF-Q180 Endoscope For Sale

OLYMPUS GIF Q-180 on special Black Friday pricing. All our other inventory is discounted as well. Contact us... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS GIF-HQ190 Endoscope Wanted

Wanted... any and all Olympus 190 scopes. GIF-HQ190, CF-HQ190, PCF-H190, BF-190, BF-H190, etc Contact us for... view more

January 20  

Supporting Endoscope Repair Facilities & Equipment Dealers Worldwide

The industry leading ISO 9001/13485 supplier and innovator of endoscope repair parts, tools, devices, training, consulting, and prototyping of endoscopes and endoscope related equipment for more than 20 years. 954-217-8780


OLYMPUS GIF-HQ190 Endoscope Wanted

Looking to purchase any and all Olympus-190 scopes and processors. ... view more

January 20  

OLYMPUS BF-1T160 Endoscope For Sale

Olympus BF-1T160 Bronchoscope Endoscope Endoscopy Product name Bronchoscope Type BF-1T160 Manufacturer Olympus Quality/Condition refurbished, excellent Amount of equipment 1 ... view more

January 20  

PENTAX ED-3470TK Endoscope For Sale

PENTAX ED-3470TK Duodenoscope Full screen display size give superior image quality Large 4.2mm working channel Fully enclosed elevator control wire designed to elimate the need to clean elevator... view more

January 20