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CINCINNATI SUB-ZERO CSZ 130 WarmAir Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Cincinnati Sub-Zero CSZ 130 WarmAir Hyperthermia: VENDOR DESCRIPTION ________________________________________ The WarmAir® system from CSZ safely provides effective air warming therapy to... view more

October 01

Asking Price:
$495 USD


GAYMAR MTA 4700 Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Gaymar Medi-Therm MTA 4700 Hyper Hypothermia System. Includes hose and sensors We have 2 in stock. Gaymar Medi-Therm MTA-4700 Auto/Manual -Hyper/ Hypothermia Specification: 115 V, 60 Hz, 11.5... view more

September 26

Asking Price:
$250 USD


NELLCOR Warm Touch warming Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Mallinckrodt Medical Warm Touch 5100 Patient Warmer with Remote: remote not included VENDOR DESCRIPTION: The Mallinckrodt WarmTouch 5100 is used for prevention and/or treatment of hypothermia. Air... view more

September 26

Asking Price:
$250 USD


CINCINNATI SUB-ZERO Blanketrol II 222R Hypothermia Unit For Sale

I have several of these units available that come with water lines and I will also include a 7 day inspection warranty. A manual for this is available at... view more

September 19

Asking Price:
$95 USD


CINCINNATI SUB ZERO Blanketrol II Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Cincinnati Sub Zero Blanketrol II Hyper-Hypothermia Unit ... view more

September 18

Asking Price:
$994 USD