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Our May Issue

Our May issue focuses on Healthcare Technology Management, so we're looking at a range of issues impacting these vital members of the hospital ecosystem. From interviews with industry thought leaders and a preview of AAMI Exchange, to our own feature reports examining the training gap between veteran CBETs and new team members.

As part of this coverage we will also be looking at the latest testing equipment and patient monitoring technology entering the market.

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  • HTM Training Gap - Many BMET (biomedical equipment technician) programs across the country have been closing. We look at what this means for entry level training and how a new national BMET apprenticeship program might make all the difference.
  • What's new in patient monitors? - At a time when the clinician-to-patient ratio has been shrinking, patient monitor manufacturers are responding by improving workflows and the user interfaces on their products while moving into remote monitoring and EHR integration.
  • What's new in testing equipment? - The right testing equipment can make all the difference when managing a fleet of expensive medical technology. We look around the evolving market, where data-sharing capabilities and smart automation are being introduced.
  • Imaging Informatics - We talk to some of the best minds in imaging informatics to see how IT and radiology are coming together to improve multiple aspects of care delivery.


  • Infusion Pumps - ECRI shares some insight on infusion pump maintenance and safety trends / best practices.
  • RTLS - Reviewing the big picture ways that RTLS is can leverage healthcare data to improve operations.
  • Instructions for Use - In technology maintenance it sometimes seems like vendors and servicers are speaking two different languages, we look at how a new approach to instructions for use (IFU) may help clear the air.
  • Supply Chain Savvy - Assessing the role of mobile apps in a modern supply chain.
  • Imaging Department Manager - What does it mean to be patient-centric in the radiology suite?
  • Purchasing Insights - A big picture look at the evolution of HTM and technology.
  • HTM Perspectives - Tips on recruiting and retaining HTM staff.
  • Hospital Spotlight - We go behind the scenes at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital and Allenmore Hospital.
  • People on the Move - A look at some of the big names taking new positions in healthcare.
  • Future of Healthcare - The future of equipment maintenance, by Dominic Smith, VP of service field and sales at Canon Medical Systems.


  • AAMI Leadership Q&A - Insights from Robert Jensen, AAMI president
  • SIIM Leadership Q&A - Dr. Chris Roth, SIIM Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair, talks about how imaging informatics have advanced over the last year.

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AAMI Exchange 2021 - Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, June 4–7, Charlotte, NC. This issue will be sent to over 2,000 pre qualified past AAMI attendees.

SIIM 2021 Virtual - Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine June 24-26th, Austin, TX. This issue will be sent to over 1,000 pre qualified past SIIM attendees.

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